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Dave Driskell discovered CrossFit in early 2009 and was immediately curious about the new sport. Over the next few years, Dave began implementing the CrossFit mythos into his existing fitness program. In January 2012, Dave received his CrossFit Certification to learn more about this emerging sport that he had fallen in love with over the past few years. One month later Dave took the first step on what would become the starting point of his WANDERLUST story.

An internal desire to see more of the world sparked a 6 month backpacking journey throughout South-East Asia, ending his journey in Bali, Indonesia. Dave spent 2 months exploring the island, self-programming and training twice a day.

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— Dave Driskell

CFW Coaching Still

With minimal CrossFit Boxes or suitable gyms in Asia, Dave was forced to be creative with his programming while traveling through many of these developing countries. During his time in Bali, Dave realized that it was a place he wanted to call home and that he could bring his passion for CrossFit and coaching to the island.

Dave started documenting his travels on Instagram @davedriskell and the hashtag #WANDERLUSTWODS was born. The combination of fitness, travel and his uncontrollable desire to find himself was something people tuned in for and his following grew organically.

After a brief stint back Stateside coaching in both Texas and California, Dave found himself back in Indonesia in 2013 as Head Coach for two new CrossFit Boxes that had opened that year. In 2014, as his passion for coaching and the wanderlust lifestyle continued to grow Dave could often be found coaching and exploring in any country, at any time.

With guest coaching spots in all over United States, Australia, Dominican Republic, New Zealand and more, he found himself back in Bali, Indonesia falling in love with island all over again.


Bali’s largest and most equipped CrossFit Affiliate with the culmination of 5 years of education via his traveling, CrossFit coaching and athletic pursuits.