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      Crossfit Wanderlust is amazing. Very helpfull staff and wonderful location. If you like crossfit then go to crossfit Wanderlust while you are here in bali.

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The philosophy behind CrossFit training is an all inclusive lifestyle change. Our program is distinctive, if not unique, in its focus on maximising neuroendocrine response, developing power, cross-training with multiple training modalities, constant training and practice with functional movements, and the development of successful diet strategies.

We truly believe we are BUILDING BETTER HUMANS.

Bali Burn


Classes are similarly run to our Regular CrossFit WODs: One hour, including warmup, movement instruction and standards, set up and workout. The movements in METCON classes are geared towards those looking for less heavy weightlifting but still earning a huge calorie burning 30+ min sweat-fest. You wont find any olympic lifting here.

These classes are designed to be more aerobic based in nature, but will also include HIIT principles, TABATA, and a wide array of methodologies to insure hitting most all cardiovascular pathways.

This class is similar to a bootcamp style class.


mobility stretch

Mobility is the ability of our bodies to move freely.
Through purposeful exercises we move with self awareness, releasing tension as well as gaining a wider range of motion.
This mindful movement will help you to improve flexibility, support the joins and reduce pain, prevent injuries, increase your capacity to heal and also decrease your recovery time.
Your moves will become more effective and efficient.


total body toner

Our Total Body Toner class is designed to give you a total body workout that will help tighten and tone your body in all the right places while teaching you different strength training movements that will help build on your overall strength. This class utilizes a combination of free weights and resistance bands for the workouts while offering progressions for each movement that will work for any fitness level. This is a 60 minute class with the program overview and warm up being around 15 minutes while the actual workout from start to finish is roughly 40 minutes. Come ready to have some fun while building a fit and healthy body.


calorie burn

Our Calorie Burner class is intended to do exactly what it says, burn loads of calories. Following a HIIT based format we use body weight movements, light weights and cardio machines to get your heart rate pumping and your body chewing up calories. This class starts with a program overview and warmup that typically lasts roughly 15 minutes while the actual workout from start to end is about 40 minutes. Be ready to meet new people, have fun, sweat, and burn off loads of calories!


booty classes

This class is all about energy and fun while tightening, toning and building that peach. This is a 60 minute class with the program overview and warm up running about 15 minutes and the actual workout from start to finish being about 45 minutes. In this class we use a combination of free weights and booty bands. This class is programed to give your glutes the best of both worlds, a dose of free weights to increase the work load to break down and grow your glutes while also mixing in booty bands to give you that burn that tightens, tones and lifts. This is a great well balanced class that’s all about great booty music and a fun time in a group setting. Bring a friend and come build that peach together.

Wanderlust Weightlifting

olympics lifting

Open to all levels. This is a one-hour class that focuses primarily on instructing and improving technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related lifts. This class is designed to help improve technique, efficiency and coordination with the snatch, clean & jerk and related lifts. The program is to improve explosiveness, power, and a better baseline for Olympic lifts.

Kid Fit Classes

wander fit kids

Our Movement and Mindset classes help children develop physical literacy and build self confidence through formal exercise as well as intentionally programmed play. Classes will be 60 minutes in length and for children ages 5-12.


gymnastic kid

Bali Gymnastics is a unique blend of artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, yoga and meditation for children, aimed at improving their overall Well-being. It is an excellent practice, enhancing confidence, coordination, focus, flexibility and spatial awareness.


aerial movement

Bali Aerial Movement or BAM runs collective collaborative sessions where you can learn or practice the art of Aerial Acrobatics on mix apparatus: Aerial silks, rope, trapeze and lyra hoop. In the tradition of Aerial Circus Arts, the practice of Aerial acrobatics will have you develop your strength, flexibility, spatial awareness, and also increase your well-being and confidence through the thrill of Aerial movement. All levels are welcome and train together. Our team of advanced aerialists guide and teach beginners, and share tips and tricks along the practice with other advanced aerialists.


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